The Jonny Copp Award was created to support adventurers, artists, and environmentalists to inspire others by sharing their true passion in life. We are in search of individuals and/ or organizations that embody the heart, soul, and spirit of Jonny Copp. Jonny was a professional alpine climber, the Founder of the International Adventure Film Festival, a gifted photographer and writer, and a talented musician. He shared his passion for adventure, the environment, and the art of photography, film, and writing with all those that expressed interest. He dedicated his life to his loves: his family, his friends, and the mountain peaks forever on the horizon, waiting to be explored. He was the embodiment of the Golden Rule and was a larger than life legend that will be deeply missed.
This award is for those people that truly want to make a difference in this world by sharing their knowledge and love for what they do. This award is meant to support those creative and adventurous minds that want to make a true impact and help change lives. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
  • Grants will be awarded annually to individuals and/or organizations that qualify.
  • The application deadline for The Jonny Copp Award will be May 27th every year.
  • To be considered for the award you must be an individual in the field of Climbing, Art, Writing, Photography, Music, or Environmental activism. In order for an organization to be eligible they must support adventure, the arts, and/or the environment. (Individuals falling in to more than one category is preferred)
  • Award winners will be announced by September of each year.
  • Only digital applications are accepted.