Climb. Ride. Slide. Fly. Fight For Your Environment. Inspire. Go Higher Than You’ve Ever Dared To Go…

Adventurers, artists, filmmakers and activists created and run this festival because we believe in the power of the story and especially the narrative of adventure, awakening to change and challenging the world we live in. This international team is committed mobilizing people through art, adventure, activism, inspiration and awareness of the world around us. Adventure Film is rooted in the concept of “Making your own Legends,” empowering each of us to create positive change in our world.

Each year the Jonny Copp Foundation produces this festival to not only inspire people but to keep Jonny’s dream for the festival alive and carry on his legacy.  With the help of family and friends this event continues to inspire and change lives.
“We believe in the power of the story, especially the narrative of adventure and awakening, to change and challenge the world we live in. We hope you will join us in celebrating the fantastic and, even more importantly, true stories of people and passion.”

Jonny Copp (1974-2009), Founder – Adventure Film Festival